Solution Architecture

moorCloudServices provide BCS Practitioner consultancy services to deliver the scoping and design of IT projects.

We document solutions at different levels such as vision, outline, functional and detailed design. The documentation specifies changes to systems and subsystems to solve specific business problems for a programme of work.

Solution outlines typically define the…

  • business context
  • services and teams impacted
  • business data entity and attributes models
  • the application components needed or impacted
  • the technology platform components needed or impacted
  • interface definitions
  • service definitions
  • compliance
  • along with analysis and design to meet non-functional requirements
    • licence options, costs and scaleability models
    • service response
    • service capacity
    • availability
    • reliability
    • security
    • service support considerations

Sometimes the work is completed within a waterfall lifecycle. At other times its agile scrum work supporting the delivery of small packages of work, often within larger programmes.

We have expertise in….

    • Subscription and Event Billing Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Access Control, Organisation and User Role & Profile Design
    • Archive and data retention
    • Migration
    • Agent and Online shop
    • Credit Vet, Fraud Checks and Take Payment
    • Mobile Telecommunications
    • BCS Solution Architect Practitioner Qualified