Business Analysis

moorCloudServices provide consultancy services to deliver the analysis, scoping, definition of requirements and processes for IT projects.

We review existing processes to understand the people, processes and systems we are transforming.

Our work on technical and functional scoring during RFP’s is used to select vendors for system integration partners and suppliers of new cloud products.

Most of our work is on a range of enterprise systems. We often do work exploiting legacy platforms to support new cloud services. Data analysis forms an important part of the business analysis.

We engage, collect and challenge stakeholder teams consider the priority of their requirements. What are the Must Have requirements, without which the initiative cannot go ahead?

While engaging appropriate stakeholders throughout the project we support and facilitate agreements between stakeholders with diverse, sometimes opposing drivers.

We document requirements and Use Cases to enable design, compliance and test acceptance.

We define revised processes, typically at different levels and appropriate formats, clearly showing new and amended aspects.

We are always looking to achieve positive Return On Investment from projects. We have diverse professional experience including software engineering, testing, data analysis, boat skippering, business analysis and solution architecture for multiple organisations in a variety of industries.